Newsletter – Survey on Learning Environments

Schools in the 21st Century – is yours fit for purpose?


A survey by the School Education Gateway has highlighted how the current school environment is not fit for the 21st century. At present, teachers feel they do not have the resources to aid relevant learning or to diversify work for students.

Nearly three quarters of teachers surveyed wanted increased flexibility in their learning environment to instill different styles of education such as independent work, group tasks, better technology and being able to work indoors or outdoors.

The survey found that most classrooms – schools’ main learning areas – are laid out in pairs of desks with up to 30 students per class. This cramped layout does not facilitate easy movement for students, whether to work collaboratively or to be in quiet zones for added concentration.

Fewer than half of schools could offer a dedicated digital environment or large hall; similar numbers had no outdoor play area or access to local outdoor spaces. Only 20% of school had a sizeable room that could be separated into multiple areas or breakout zones.

The majority of classrooms contained a black or whiteboard with display boards and a digital projector or smartboard, but just over 25% have access to tablets or personal computers; even fewer had ergonomic furniture such as adjustable desks or armchairs.

Teachers also highlight the need for nicer furnishings and more pleasant surroundings; in addition, teaching staff have a significant lack of shared spaces to be able to liaise with each other.

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