Design Thinkers In Action

Join our active group discussing how school results can be improved by designing the learning environment.

The Power of Environment

Learn how schools are achieving +1.8 GCSE value added residual, by simply leveraging the learning environment.

Case Studies

A few well-strategised, thoroughly planned and effectively executed examples of our consultant’s experience in education, both internationally and in the UK.

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The Four Dimensions

The 4D model is a self sustaining one that taps into pupils’ and teachers’ intrinsic motivation which is why, done well, performance constantly improves

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It’s about having a team of growth-oriented teachers who have the correct mindset and character.

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Assessing learners academically as well as having the capacity for self reflection about their wellbeing.

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Prompting learners to execute their work in the place best suited to them that suits their method of learning.

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the physical space where learners learn heuristically and begin to own their learning processes. 

Transforming Schools

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