Creating Thriving Spaces™ for schools across the globe

We design & deliver Thriving Spaces™ – learning environments where students come to learn, grow and thrive.

Noble+Eaton is a global education design consultancy that creates thriving spaces for forward-looking schools and their students.

We specialise in physical environment design and campus planning – supporting school leaders to consider not just the physical changes they want to see for their facilities, but the outcomes they want to realise for their students.

Evidence-led thinking

We bring the latest ideas, examples, research and best practice from around the world to your school environment – ensuring decisions are made on the basis of evidence, not aesthetics

Pupil-centric Design

As education specialists, we know the impact your learning environment can have on cognition, wellbeing and behaviour. That’s why we put the needs of your pupils at the heart of our process

A Proven Methodology

We combine a deep understanding of education environments and interior design into a methodology that is proven to work across schools of different types and in different places

what we do

Reimagining learning environments

We support ambitious school leaders to fulfil their dream of an environment where all learners can grow and thrive.


What defines a Thriving Space™️?



Thriving Spaces™ raise the level of cognition for all learners



Thriving Spaces™ positively impact students' behaviours, attitudes & learning outcomes



Thriving Spaces™ are low-anxiety environments designed to support well-being



Thriving Spaces™ empower all types of  learners


Thriving Spaces™ elevate the status of your school