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Dr. Adam England

Director and Executive Consultant Headteacher

Dr Joanne Ladds


Bruce Evershed

Project Director

Tom Strachan

Business Development Lead

Glyn Evershed

Project Director

Trudie Lawrence

Project Consultant

Armand Spinks

Head of Client Relations

Mark Tuffin

Pre-Construction Manager

Roberto Palmer

Lead Designer

Mark Bailey

Senior Client Associate

Lydia Bacon

Executive Assistant

Nick Siderfin

Business Development Director

Greg Howarth-Hough

Head of Projects

Jeremy Tuffin

Head of Major Projects

Lewis Francis

Chief Information Officer

Natasha Bath

Marketing Coordinator

Sian Harvey

Operations Assistant

Juliet Niha

Technical Designer

Jake Alderson

Pre-Construction Manager

Erin Merritt

Marketing Campaigns Manager

Adam Bentham

Senior Project Manager

Graham Batt


Ivan Francis

Pre-Construction Assistant

Klara Loots

Graphic Designer

Luke Collins

Graphic Design & Brand Manager

Ryan Dent

Head of Pre Construction

Alison Loader


Meryl Evershed


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