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A Global Design Consultancy for Education.

We specialise in physical environment design and campus planning – supporting school leaders to consider not just the physical changes they want to see for their facilities, but the outcomes they want to realise for their students.

Cognition-boosting Wellbeing-promoting Neuro-inclusive
our philosophy

How we are different

A focus on pedagogy (the ‘how’) alone won’t deliver the changes that pupils need.

We’re set on helping schools re-imagine the ‘where’ of education – creating environments where all pupils can thrive.

Reason we exist

As a company, we are clear on what we are here to do – create Thriving Spaces™ for forward-looking schools and their students

Dream we pursue

Our vision as a group of people is to create thriving school environments around the world that inspire pupils to learn, grow and thrive

Beliefs we hold

Schools should no longer be bound by regressive practices and outdated traditions. We’re here to challenge and inspire school leaders

key features

Why Us?


We are education specialists


Our work is evidence-led and pupil-centric


Our team of educators understand how schools operate


Offer an end-to-end service - from design to delivery

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