Newsletter – Desk Layout: Using Your Classroom Layout To Enhance Learning

Would you like to increase your students’ chance of success by up to 25%?

Classroom design – along with excellent teaching – has become central to students’ achievement. Too many rooms do not give students the space they need to focus on classwork, collaborate with peers or concentrate on their individual work. We can show you how classroom layouts can improve student results by giving them the best chance of success.

The most popular styles of learning environment offer an old fashioned layout that has been in use for years. These inflexible seating arrangements often suit the ‘teacher at the front’ style of teaching, rather than the ‘guide on the side’ learning process.

Classrooms often offer just one layout. For example, in a presentation type classroom, all rows look forward to the front of the room, possibly in a semi-circle design. This style does not work for students who also need to work collaboratively. Conversely, a classroom that is set up for collaborative work with small groups, may mean a student is constantly in the middle of noise and has nowhere to think about the task in hand; but if the classroom is set up with individual tables, students do not get the benefit of any group discussion.

The best classroom layouts offer flexibility and adaptability throughout so that students can be where they need to be depending on what is being asked of them. If your classroom offers workspaces that cover independent learning with group layouts they can move to if needed, or a large discussion area that seamlessly morphs into teacher or learner centred areas for troubleshooting or reflection, you will ensure your students feel supported and increase engagement.

At Noble and Eaton, our intelligent designs with optimal technology mean your students can take ownership and your classrooms can be areas of increased learning. Call us to find out more.