Building A Global Independent School Brand

Building a successful independent school brand comes down to one important factor: community. Create a community and your school’s brand will be well thought of, supported in the community and with free valuable feedback from loyal stakeholders who are invested in your product and who want to help you make it work. But how do you start to build your brand?

Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Consistency of ‘voice’ is key

So what sort of messages are you sending? Are they distinguished and elegant, or more modern and friendly? Are you imparting knowledge or trying to encourage parents to engage? No matter how many people are involved in your social media, school publications, newsletters or messages to parents, it should all sound like it is written by the same person. Check spelling and grammar without fail. Don’t overwhelm parents with too much information but equally, keep them in the loop with important news.

2. Building Trust

If you say you are going to do something, do it. Your brand is backed by your people so if someone contacts your school, have an instant reply message on your website, email and social media for people who contact you so they know you have received their details. 


Make sure your school phone line is manned at all times with the latest in audio technology for a professional welcome to all your visitors or a clear message for out of hours. Your school’s community is made up of everyone who has a link to it so make sure they are all welcome at all times!

3. Your brand – the details

The first thing most people think of for branding is a logo and company colours. Many schools do not carry this branding through the school enough but it really is the little touches that complement the bigger design. 

Consider the pens you use in reception, branded floor coverings and Teaching Walls to reinforce the strength of your design for those visiting the school, those moving around from class to class and those in their learning areas. Lanyards, graphics, signage boards, screensavers, furniture – think about all the things people see and interact with regularly.

4. Don’t ever stop building your brand

Build and innovate all the time. Look at schools up and down the country; share best practice, collaborate and learn. What do other top schools do really well and could you adapt that for your school? How do they liaise with their stakeholders? 

To paraphrase a well known saying, no school is an island – whether directly influenced by other learning centres or indirectly from your leadership team, by co-opting the best ideas along with your own strengths, your school brand will become even better, growing all the time.

5. Content, content, content

Finally, look at what is being written about your school. Does it focus on students, staff, alumni? Are there photographs, video tours, a regularly updated website? Do you discuss your learning strategies, show your results, shout about your successes? 

Be proud of your school, never miss an opportunity to tell people how well your students are doing; make sure parents know and make news easily shareable. The better your brand development is, the further your schools’ achievements will travel.
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