Badminton School – The Hub

Badminton School – The Hub

The school wanted ‘The Hub’ space to be designed in a manner that would encourage students to pursue this independent learning on top of various activities and evening classes.

It had to be a flexible space that didn’t compromise on any area of education, whether that be sports, independent learning or joint classes. Local collaborations and wider initiatives had to be kept in mind too, in order to make ‘The Hub’ a one size fits all community building that could be utilised as both a learning space and a pavilion.

Another more practical consideration was that work on the site had to minimise disruption to visitors and school traffic. Understandably, we needed to develop and build ‘The Hub’ without impacting the day-to-day life of the school. As a building near the front of the school site, it was essential that ‘The Hub’ was in accord with the surrounding campus and represented the values the school wished to project. After all, first impressions matter.

The project was a challenge we couldn’t wait to live up to.

“The Hub enables us to keep innovation at the heart of our holistic education”

Stuart Dalley


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