Boosting Wellbeing With Sam Moinet

Noble and Eaton are renowned educational consultants, set up to improve the lives of young learners with a range of skills that directly benefit students in all areas. We are delighted to present Sam Moinet, consultant speaker with N+E, who started up his website – aimed at empowering students not just to succeed in the classroom but in their life in and outside of school. Teaching young people how to deal with situations instead of what to do means students have the resilience, aptitude and clear-sightedness to achieve more than ever before. His breakthrough coaching course gives students, their families and teachers the tools to empower and embed life skills that go way beyond good grades and into all round success. These are not just skills for young learners – students with this mindset can literally change the world.

Who Is Sam Moinet?

Sam is a teacher, speaker, student life coach and founder of Student Breakthrough, set up after his dreams of joining the British Army were dashed. A course of coaching reset his thinking and made him realise there were other options available with his strengths as a communicator, ultimately giving him the mindset to become a better teacher.

His programme aims to revolutionise emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations by eradicating problems for students by using the 3B programme of Boost, Believe and Breakthrough to help them dream about their future success, believe in themselves and are and how to achieve in vital aspects of their lives.

Who Benefits From An Emotional Support Programme?

Students who have an understanding of their future journey into work know what subjects to take that will benefit them and what grades they need to get. Equally, students who have an emotional understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses can then work on them to improve the areas they need support. Just like in school, you may need to put extra effort into some areas but the payoff is life-changing. As Sam says, “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

How Does This Style Of Learning Help Students And Teachers?

Students achieve the grades they need for their next step in life. Their self-confidence and motivation are increased which supports their well-being and mental health. Teachers find their classes are full of students who are more engaged, readier to learn and more successful. Each person has different aims and the programme highlights how these can be achieved. Whatever the issue, whether it is an ingrained attitude to school, anxiety, confidence, personal growth, exams or relationships with family and friends, no problem is too big or small. This programme is not simply aimed at data and testing; it is a fully rounded course that looks at each student and their individual motivations. If you are helping your students become more confident, engaged and successful, please share your story with us, we’d be glad to collaborate!