Marist School – Sixth Form

Marist School – Sixth Form

The Marist School embarked on a project with Envoplan to redesign their sixth form, driven by Headmistress Jo Smith’s vision of a bright, purposeful, and multifunctional area that fosters academic and personal growth.

The primary objective was to enhance student retention and attraction, aligning with the school’s growth plan. Additionally, the cultivation of student independence was a paramount aspiration. Overall, the girls would receive a space to develop skills for academic success, plus skills for life beyond school.

The project involved redesigning the sixth form floor, including the staircase, teachers’ offices, a boardroom, and the visitor reception area. To create the envisioned bright and airy atmosphere, glass partitions and doors were installed in sections of the corridor walls, allowing ample natural light, and transforming the previously dark and narrow corridor.

According to the head of the sixth form, the students asked to study and use the new sixth form space rather than study at home during the holidays. Of course, this was agreed upon and facilitated!

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