Independent School Senior Leaders

Solutions To Top 10 Challenges

These 10 common challenges are often come across when we consult independent schools, and this in-depth guide provides a solution to every challege.

Segmented into 2 Areas:

Teaching Challenges

5 Challenges related to quality and outcomes of teaching

Learning Challenges

5 Challenges are associated with the student’s learning

Full List

Top 10 Challenges Faced By Independent School Leaders

Here is a summary list, click through to view details and a Noble+Eaton solution



This is causing increased recruitment costs, plus extended delays once teachers have been reqruited – simply because these NQT’s have been taught enough literacy.


No Idea How To Fully Use A Learning Environment

Worsened by irrelevant and inpractical INSET days, today’s teachers aren’t trained to teach in a modern environment. Instead, teachers revert to using old style environments.


Teachers & Staff Lack A Growth Mindset

This means teachers are avoiding modern day learning methods, and staying stuck in the old style – which litrally dates back to victorian classrooms in the industrial era.


Nearly Impossible To Recruit Highly Skilled Staff

Caused by a overpopulation of NQT’s (see challenge 1), well trained, highly-skilled staff have become the minority in the teaching profession, making recruiting very difficult.


Curriculum Has A Imbalance Between Knowledge & Skill

Students who are educated this year will be in the workplace in 2030 and 2040, which is scary, becuse the need for skill focused students coming out of school able to continue learning is still rising rapidly.

Learning Challenges


Students are currently overexposed to the internet at large, becoming well connected but also distracted  – making a negative impact on the student learning journey


Little Opportunity To Embed & Progress Digital Skills

In contrast to the challenge number 6 regarding overuse of technology, students aren’t able to progress their useful digital skills unless the learning environment fosters and embeds this culture.


High arousal environments where students aren’t comfortable to learn cause bad behaviour and poor engagement, which in most cases is the main root cause of bullying through a school.


Students ought to know not only what they have learned but how they learn best, and in which environment they learn best. This can also be labeled ‘metacognition’, and is vital for a successful future.


Low Character Resilience In Students

Using a ‘one-size-fits-all learning environnment, students are nexer exposed to diversity, whchih means they have a very low resiliance to new environments, situations and responsibilities.

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