Our Thoughts on Education

With great experience in international education, we can step away and recognise the contrast the UK education system has to other, more successful systems. In these videos, we aim to reveal a few insights to help you move the needle in the right direction.

How to Foster Self confidence

What can girl’s schools and women’s Universities do to foster self confidence amongst your potential graduates?

Are You Ignoring Creative Skills?

Even schools like like ours have had to be creative and adaptable and not stuck with past ways of thinking. Creativity is high on the list of skills that young people need to be learning. And that is about a way of thinking, rather than just being the creative arts.

The School Century Mismatch

So we have 21st century learners, 20th century teachers with curriculum and buildings from the 18th & 19th century!

Why the UK education system needs reform

Personalising Learning Environments

Why UK education is struggling

Biggest Impediment to Schools: Marking

Comparing Independent with Maintained Sector is irrelevant

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