OneSchool Swansea Campus

Value Added

OneSchool Global Swansea campus was a pioneer school in the OneSchool family, adopting a self-directed learning curriculum and teaching style in 2015 and seeing a GCSE value-added residual score of +1.51 grades in 2016 and +1.8 in 2017 which placed it top of the OneSchool Global family of 25 UK schools in both years.

“Pupil engagement was excellent”

National inspectorate, Wales

The changes in curriculum, and teaching and learning, were generated by the design of a large self-directed learning area/learning resource centre. This area was highly inclusive, catering for a number of learning pathways and the delivery of vocationally-related skills. ESTYN, the national inspectorate of Wales, noted that pupil engagement was ‘excellent’, and this was largely a product of the redesigned highly inclusive learning environment.


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