St Joseph’s Catholic School

Implementing The Cone Model

St Joseph’s Catholic School in Port Talbot was at a loss regarding how to implement the recommendations of the Welsh Government’s Donaldson Report as it had very little finance or imagination to do so. The Head of PE contacted Dr Adam England (Consultant now at Noble+Eaton) for advice. Following several visits to Swansea Campus in 2016, we decided on the Cone Model which would later prove to be very successful at King William’s College.

“So successful that the Head of PE became the school’s lead for learner-centric education”

Dr Adam England
Consultant Headteacher

Using PE cones and a pie chart to divide classes and the curriculum into chunks, he was able to implement certain recommendations from the Donaldson Report about changing the curriculum and its delivery. The system proved to be so successful that he became the school’s lead on creating a more learner-centred scholastic paradigm

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