Children’s International School

+1.91 IGCSE
Value Added

CIS Lagos introduced self-directed learning areas and biophilic sunlit terrasses from 2019 onwards, along with modifications to the curriculum and how it was delivered, to which was added a growth mindset training course and the Microsoft Certificate for Educators.

Highest improvement achieved by the D4 Process

Consultant Headteacher

These innovations led, unsurprisingly, to a broad and deep improvement in standards and pupil wellbeing, culminating in an IGCSE value-added quotient of +1.91 grades, which is the highest value-added quotient catalysed by this system, probably because of the 4D consideration of education as a multi-dimensional holistic entity based on great teachers, great curriculum and assessment thereof, great adaptive technology and, of course, a great environment.


CIS Lagos 2

Children’s International School

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