Proven Framework

Our unique learning design process is built on a learner centred framework.
Our vision is to support schools to create world class learning environments using evidence informed, humancentric design process to give students the best opportunities through the strategic alignment of school culture with people, pedagogy and place. We recognise that every school across the world is unique. We enable schools to surpass expected standards, putting learners first, embracing diversity, inclusion and integrity. Our process is built around three central themes which are subdivided into 3 broad categories. These categories are further divided based on the requirements of the school. 

Project Process

Our unique Project Process seamlessly leads you through the complex path from understanding the outcomes you would like to achieve right through to a ready-to-use learning space.

Project Discovery


Concept Ideation


Detailed Design


Contract Stage


Build Phase


Final Review

From initial project discovery to final learning space, we ensure the whole project is completed seamlessly for you. This turnkey approach is only achieved due to the structure and efficiency of our unique project process flow. In project discovery, we ensure full alignment of objectives to create concepts which are right the first time. Then, these are adjusted based on stakeholder feedback which can include students, teachers & parents.

3 Core Competancies


Stakeholders, users, Healthy, wellbeing


design & deliver


curriculum, cognition



To understand groups of people within a school community we need to develop relationships and trust. Whilst this takes time, we are experienced relationship builders who use research-based methods to support us. These can include psychometric assessments alongside any data capture through the suite of your choice; GL Education, CEMS or other data services you use.
Our support takes the form of gathering and analysing this data to enable schools to support:
• Leaders to understand their staff
• Teachers to understand their students
• Students to understand themselves
Well-being is at the heart of a happy school with engaged learners. With a student-centred approach, research has shown how engagement and learning can be improved. In addition to understanding and tracking behaviours of learners we can also support schools by:
• Reviewing their safeguarding policies
• Monitoring the use of the policies through termly and yearly audits
• Writing safeguarding & related policies



The environment impacts both people and pedagogy with an effect that can impact learning up to 25%. Our research shows that the effect on ‘people’ can be grouped into 6 pillars of learning, which was detailed on the previous page. From experience and active research, the effect on ‘pedagogy’ can be grouped and tracked as 10 categories with a further 2 categories linked to an overall change in professional behaviours. In addition to this research has shown that there are 8 physical factors which support a positive culture and our purposefully designed spaces take each of these into account.
We can support by:
  • Reviewing current spaces
  • Writing a report on the findings with recommendations to include a sustainability plan
  • Stakeholder engagement with the redesigning process and design
  • Designing & building purposeful spaces
  • Collecting and using data to track the impact



Teaching and learning has always been a driver for teachers. However, there is lots of research from universities which has either not been used, or not been used effectively by schools. Some schools and their teams have had training on new research. But more often than not these ‘new ideas’ are often considered as an add on to current practice. These can be trialled, not tracked, and then forgotten about before moving on to the next initiative. Equally, consistency can become an issue which is a barrier to truly embedding any new initiative.
We can support by:
• Reviewing teaching and learning policies
• Monitoring the use of the policies through termly, yearly audits
• Writing teaching and learning, curriculum, assessment & related policies
• Providing training on areas identified needing support

Our Research

Designing The Best Inclusive Learning Spaces

We Are Noble+Eaton

A strategic consultancy group, dedicated to transforming schools and the futures of their people.

“Inclusive learning and teaching recognises all student’s entitlement to a learning experience that respects diversity, enables participation, removes barriers and anticipates and considers a variety of learning needs and preferences.”


  • Learners construct their own learning environment
  • Inquiry based learning can take place with minimal guidance
  • Emphasise social element of learning
  • Knowledge constructed by learning
  • Assessed based on knowledge gained


  • Stimulus/Response
  • Programmed Instruction
  • Direct Instruction
  • Programmed Tutoring
  • Keller Plan (Personalised system of instruction)
  • Computerised system of instruction


  • Knowledge of how students learn
  • Assimilation & Accommodation
  • Activate Prior Schema
  • Build on Prior Schema
  • Neuroscience

“Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, we need to consider how our spaces lend themselves to supporting our ultimate goal”

– Ensuring All Students Learn.

Inclusive learning and teaching recognises all student’s entitlement to a learning experience that respects diversity, enables participation, removes barriers and anticipates and considers a variety of learning needs and preferences.

Dr Joanne Ladds