Come and experience many different learning spaces in one place; a low arousal zone, a future classroom, a design engineering workshop and much more.

We have converted an old mill to show you how you can design learning spaces with impact and purpose.

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Colonnades have been used in architecture throughout the world for millennia to define spaces and enhance functionality. The idea of creating a forum or functional space within and adjacent to these structures is as old as civilization itself, creating markets, temples, civic structures and more. Zones defining a space within which a particular activity occurs, yet remain permeable and accessible for ease of movement into and out of the space.
Noble + Eaton

The Senior School Leaders' CPD Event

We are bringing together like-minded SLT members who are inspired to design the journey to their future school. In this unique event, we will have breakout sessions, presentations & group workshops to start to design what your ‘future school’ looks like, and how to accelerate your journey to achieve your goals.


Who Is Speaking at the Event

Sam Moinet

International coach and speaker From Student Breakthrough

Julie Keyes

Lead coach at The Educational Coach

Deborah McKenzie

Partnerships Manager at Century Tech

Joanne Ladds

Head of Upper School, Wycombe Abbey School, Nanjing

Adam England

Strategic Consultant in Transforming Learning Environments

Mark Bailey

Senior Client Associate for Envoplan, Northern Region

Roberto Palmer

Head of Design Envoplan

Bruce Evershed

Sales Director at Envoplan


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In Photos: Spring 2022

For full recordings of speeches in our previous CPD, CLICK HERE

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